Ronald's recommendations for the 2008 General Election

Ronald lives in Washington state.  His recommendations are for President and Vice President, statewide races and ballot measures and for United States Representative in the third Congressional District.  Ronald already voted. I placed comments about some of the results.

Ballot Measures

Initiative 985 - Transportation Issues


Initiative 985 failed. Good decision by the majority.

Initiative 1000 - Assisted Suicide


Initiative 1000 passed. I do not believe it was the right decision for the majority of voters to pass Initiative 1000. I urge people not to request assisted suicide under any circumstance, because of the high possibility of ending up in eternal torment to those who receive assisted suicide.

Initiative 1029 - Concerning Long-Term Care Workers


Initiative 1029 passed.


President and Vice President

John McCain and Sarah Palin

While I respect the offices of President and Vice President of the United States of America and wish the United States well, nevertheless I have many disagreements with Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I am quite skeptical about the effectiveness of the Obama economic proposals. Electing abortion rights supporters for President and Vice President sent a message to God that the majority of Americans of voting age do not consider protecting the unborn important. Another reason for God to send judgement on the United States of America. Also, too many people voted without knowing what the candidates stood for.

U.S. Representative District 3

Michael Delavar (R)

Democrat Brian Baird was reelected. I do not believe it was a good choice to maintain a Democratic majority in the House, because at the time we have such high deficits we do not need new government spending on more domestic programs.


Dino Rossi (GOP)

Democrat Chris Gregoire was reelected.

Lieutenant Governor

Brad Owen (D)

Brad Owen was reelected. He is a very respected and fair President of the State Senate.

Attorney General

Rob McKenna (R)

Rob McKenna was reelected.

State Treasurer

Allan Martin (R)

Democrat Jim McIntire was elected even though I like the qualifications of Allan Martin better.

Commissioner of Public Lands

Doug Sutherland (R)

Democrat Peter J. Goldmark was elected.